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Excel Payroll System/Software

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Abeka La Paz, Greater Accra



Why pay so much for a Payroll Software or Payroll Service when you can do it with EXCEL? No need to manually calculate Employees PAYE Income Taxes, SSNIT Contributions and Net Salaries!!! Just enter an Employees Basic or Gross Salary and the rest is taken care of by this EXCEL PAYROLL SYSTEM. With this “simply to use” Excel Payroll spreadsheets you can easily calculate employees Net Salaries given their Basic/Gross Salary taking into account their SSNIT contribution, Income Tax (PAYE), Reliefs and Allowances (both taxable and non-taxable) if any. Payslip can be printed for each employee. It can also be customized to suit each user’s need. Call for your copy by email. Call 0244 575 408/0507 404 360. KEY FEATURES • Employees PAYE Income Taxes are automatically calculated • SSNIT 1st and 2nd Tier calculations are automated • Taxable Salaries are automatically calculated • Net Salaries are automatically calculated • Payslip can be printed for each employee • Bank Advice is automated • SSNIT Returns is generated • Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) PAYE Income Tax Returns is generated • One time purchase; no monthly charges • Fully supported by Accounting and Payroll Professionals CONTACT: 0244 575 408/0507 404 360.